Computer Braille Code

Important Note: The Computer Braille Code is no longer an official code in the United States. It was replaced by Unified English Braille (UEB) in January 2016. It is provided here for reference purposes only.

The Computer Braille Code was developed to allow computer-related materials to be transcribed precisely.

Computer Braille Code

Copies of the Computer Braille Code are available for purchase in hardcopy print and braille from the American Printing House for the Blind or can be downloaded from this page.


Computer Braille Code: 2000 Revision.
APH; Braille: 5-24410-00; Print: 7-24410-00


Computer Braille Code ( PDF version)
Computer Braille Code (BRF version)


In January 2013, BANA made a clarification to the 2010 Update of the Computer Braille Code. This update makes clear the fact that CBC symbols are to be listed on the Special Symbols page in a specific order. In 2014, BANA enhanced the PDF file to improve accessibility for screen readers.

CBC Update 2010 (PDF) with clarification as of 2013/2014
CBC update 2010 (BRF) with clarification as of 2013/2014

Related Documents

Computer Braille Code: Flowchart Design for Applicable Braille Codes Supplement, 1992.
APH; Braille: 5-24440-00; Print: 7-24440-00