UEB Resources Suggested for Professionals Who Teach or Transcribe Braille

Selections from BANA's UEB page of particular interest to teachers and transcribers.

Click on the following links for more information on each topic. All materials produced by BANA have been approved by the BANA Board. Materials listed here from other sources are provided for your information and convenience. Inclusion on this website does not indicate BANA's endorsement.

Free Resources

Priced Publications

  • Assessment of Braille Literacy Skills: UEB and EBAE, 2nd Ed. — This priced publication can be purchased from Texas Region IV and provides a tool for educators to document braille skills and knowledge. Order from the following link: http://www.region4store.com/Catalog.aspx?catid=347927&itmid=1196188


  • Burns Braille Guide: A Quick Reference to Unified English Braille, 2nd Ed. — This new edition of an old favorite is a priced publication available from AFB Press. Order from the following link: http://www.afb.org/store/Pages/ShoppingCart/HomePage.aspx
  • UEB Too — A complete revision of the "Braille Too" curriculum materials, this priced resource is designed for middle and high school students who are learning UEB. Available from BRL2 Publishing; ordering information available from http://www.brl2.com/home.html
  • The McDuffy Reader: A Braille Primer for Adults — This instructional guide for beginning adult braille readers is now available in UEB. The book presents first uncontracted braille, then the braille contractions in logical groups. The book contains eighty-nine braille pages in one volume. The UEB edition of the McDuffy Reader is available from the National Federation of the Blind Independence Market via email at independencemarket@nfb.org and via phone at (410) 659-9314, extension 2216. 
  • Mangold Basic Braille Program — Unit 3 of this program introduces UEB contractions and rules. http://exceptionalteaching.com/mangold-basic-braille-program-kits-unit-3-ueb-contractions-89-169/
  • A Braille Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers — from National Braille Press, containing 1,400 entries in uncontracted an contracted braille now available in UEB. http://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/SPELL-UEB.html
  • Unified English Braille (UEB) Practice Sentences — A comprehensive revision of Literary Braille Practice Sentences, by Mangold and Becker. This priced resource contains sequential sentences for elementary to adult. Matching print/simulated braille sentences are helpful for teachers, staff, parents. Teacher and student editions are available in print and hard copy braille. For more information, email actualtactuals@aol.com
  • Using UEB for Mathematics and Using UEB for Science — These resources are being sold through RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) in the United Kingdom. Both books are available in print or in braille, and may be purchased with a credit card from RNIB's online store, or you may call them for other purchase options. (Note: RNIB also sells the UEB Rulebook in print and braille if people prefer to have a paper copy.)
  • Math Window — Math teaching tools available for both UEB and for Nemeth. Kits available for basic math as well as algebra and geometry. http://www.mathwindow.com
  • Braille Lessons — Retired teacher Louise Johnson has devised this book, Braille Lessons for Sighted People as a resource for parents, paraprofessionals, and others who read print and are interested in braille. While this manual does not cover every rule and symbol in UEB, it introduces the most common ones. For more information, visit www.kesterbraille.com
  • Braille Enthusiast's Dictionary: Unified English Braille — From SCALARS Publishing, this resource lists approximately 30,000 words and shows how to transcribe them into UEB. For more information, visit http://www.scalarspublishing.com
  • Just Enough to Know Better — National Braille Press has updated their parent resource to UEB! Just Enough to Know Better presents the braille code in a self-paced workbook to parents who wish to know enough braille to keep up with their youngsters. For more information, visit http://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/JETKB-UEB.html