Appendix B 
Agency Decisions

Some formats are agency decisions. The agency is responsible for distributing its decisions to transcribers who work for it. See the following sections for more specific details.

Section 1: Basic Principles and General Formats

§1.5           Volume size

§1.6           Page size, line length, and spacing

§1.7.2        Running head

§1.16         Volume labels

Section 2: Transcriber-Generated Pages and Front Matter

§2.3.3        Title page requirements

§2.3.6d      Placement of reproduction notice

§2.3.6f       Format of printing history

§2.3.7        Placement of transcriber/transcription segment

§2.3.8        Volume identification

§2.10.11     Designation of volume number for preliminary volume

Section 6: Illustrative Materials

§6.12         Decision to omit illustrations

Section 8: Lists

§8.9.5f       Inclusion of outline division guide on odd pages only

Section 10: Exercise Material

§10.1.3       Inclusion of repetitive material in exercises

§10.1.4       Notification of material unsuitable for braille

Section 11: Tables and Related Columns

§11.11.2     Agency may decide to change graphs to charts or tables

Section 16: Notes

§16.8.1a     Create an endnote section at the end of a volume

§16.8.1b     Move notes to a separate volume

Section 20: Tests

§20.3.7       Inclusion of score values

§20.4.4       Information on presentation order of answer choices

§20.4.4c     Representation of print answer symbols (bubble sheet, dash, etc.)

§20.6          Information on standardized tests

§20.6.3       Exclusion or inclusion of GO ON at end of print page

Section 22: Alphabetic References

§22.3.2       Omission of guide words in alphabetical references

Appendix E: Interpoint Guidelines

§1.1.3         Agencies may request materials in interpoint

§1.5.1         Volume size

§1.14.1f      Suppression of even page numbers

§8.9.5f        Use of guide text on odd pages only

§10.1.6d     Whether questions and answer choices must be on facing pages