A Braillist's Pledge of Professional Ethics

A Position Statement of
the Braille Authority of North America

I pledge to:

  • prepare braille materials in an accurate, timely manner, without personal interjection,
  • refrain from using any information obtained in the performance of my duties in a manner that would be detrimental to the agency or person for whom the material was transcribed,
  • treat all material transcribed as confidential unless the material is publicly available or an agreement has been obtained in writing that the information may be disclosed,
  • conduct business in a professional manner with dignity, respect and courtesy,
  • accept assignments as dictated by my knowledge of the subject matter, braille skill competency level, and ability to complete the assignment on a mutually agreed upon date, and
  • continuously develop the highest levels of knowledge and skills through professional development in my chosen specialty.

-- Adopted by the National Braille Association, November 2003
-- Adopted by the Braille Authority of North America , April 2005

For more information about the Braille Authority of North America, visit www.brailleauthority.org.