The Nemeth Code

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"Terminology: UEB Math/Science and UEB with Nemeth"

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Revised April 2018
Posted August 19, 2018

This method of switching between the Nemeth Code and Unified English Braille has been developed to ensure the continued viability of the use of the Nemeth Code for mathematics. The necessity for this adaptation, which is similar to the current use of switching to computer braille code for email addresses and the like, stems from two basic issues:

1) In current Nemeth code transcriptions, the nonmathematical text that surrounds the mathematics is based on English Braille, American Edition (EBAE), which is being replaced by Unified English Braille (UEB). If the surrounding text were to continue to be in EBAE, then, in order to use Nemeth Code, braille users and producers would need to be familiar with two sets of rules for contractions, capitalization, emphasis, punctuation, spacing, and so on. Such a requirement would be especially burdensome in the long term to future braille users and producers who learn braille according to UEB symbols and rules and would then need to learn old rules that have been replaced.

2) As the use of electronic means to read and write in both print and braille proliferates, the need for accurate translation both from print to braille and from braille to print becomes an increasingly critical consideration. An unambiguous switching method eliminates code conflicts and makes it possible for accurate translation in either direction to occur, so that mathematics can be communicated between print users and braille users using Nemeth Code.

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Approved April 2018

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BANA's Nemeth Code Technical Committee has worked diligently to develop this new publication—Graphing Calculator Guidelines. It is based on the Nemeth Code and its updates as well as on the Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts. BANA welcomes feedback from users of this publication.

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Graphic: red star Provisional Guidance for Chemistry Notation Using Nemeth in UEB Contexts


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The BANA Chemistry Committee developed this provisional guidance for transcribing chemistry using Nemeth in UEB contexts. This document is a revision of the previously published provisional guidance.
The Word version of this document is provided for accessibility purposes only; it is intended to be used in its entirety and is not to be modified. A BRF file is provided for braille readers and for embossing; a PDF is provided for print readers and for those who wish to print a hard copy of the document.

BANA welcomes feedback from users of this publication.

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Codebooks and Updates

The publications listed below provide a means of transcribing technical materials. Copies of these publications are available for purchase in hardcopy print and braille from either American Printing House for the Blind or National Braille Association as indicated below.

Nemeth Code


Nemeth Code for Mathematics & Science Notation, 1972 Revision. APH; Braille: 5-87430-00; Print Edition: 7-87430-00


Chemistry Code


Braille Code for Chemical Notation, 1997. APH; Braille: 5-16900-00; Print: 7-16900-00


Chemistry Code (a zipped archive of the files) BRF

Nemeth Updates

Application of the Formats Guidelines to Nemeth Transcriptions update as HTML PDF or BRF

Addendum 1 to the Nemeth Code for Mathematics & Science Notation, 1972 Revision: Ancient Numeration Systems.
APH; Braille: 5-68654-00; Print: 7-68654-00

Nemeth Updates 2015

Nemeth Updates 2014

Nemeth Updates 2013

Nemeth Updates 2012

Nemeth Updates 2011

Nemeth Updates 2010

Nemeth Updates 2007

Related Documents

Learning the Nemeth Braille Code: A Manual for Teachers and Students, 1987.
APH; Braille: 5-68653-00; Print: 7-68653-00

Learning the Nemeth Braille Code (BRF edition)

Nemeth Reference Sheets (BRF file) by Thora Dumont and Janet Malone.
National Braille Press